184 Salt Brush

A positive netting home located on a premier Three Springs lot.
salt-brush-positive net home by sutter homes
Our Mission

Sutter Homes Co practices to achieve high level performance, home health, and comfort. Resulting in a long lasting durable structure that will keep your family healthy, save thousands of dollars on utility bills, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Positive Netting

Welcome to 184 Salt Brush – a new contemporary home on a premier Three Springs lot. Make this your next home and experience unprecedented benefits of an energy efficient, durable, healthy home. Sutter Homes Construction takes pride in building with the most modern science that creates the most comfortable and healthy environments on the market today. Experience the best in market air filtration, assuring life long health benefits, and allow your home to work for you as it produces enough energy to offset your electrical usage.

Premier Lot

This positive netting home is located within the Three Springs community, a 700 acre community known for its energy efficient homes and community lifestyle, on a premier lot.

Below Average Cost

Average homes in Three Springs sell for $288/sq ft. This home, which saves you $138,000 in utility bills over 30 years and is located on a premier lot, costs only $287/sq ft.

Extreme Air Sealing

184 Salt Brush has been sealed to 0.09 Air Changes per Hour (ACH), one of the 50 lowest in the nation. With this low ACH, heating and cooling your home will be an efficient and affordable process.

High End Finishes

While this home has been optimized for energy efficiency and health, you will also be able to enjoy high end finishes like granite countertops and vaulted ceilings. 184 Salt Brush is the best of both worlds.

HERS Score
Dollars Saved
Dollars Per Sq Ft

Property Information

– ZERH Certified (HERS -2)
– Healthy Home Certified
– Solar Panels (7.5 KW PV)
– High End Filtration (ERV)
– State of the art heating / AC
– Covered Steel Frame Deck
– High End Finished Throughout
– Large Gourmet Kitchen
– Granite Tops
– Tall Vaulted Ceiling
– Instant Hot Water
– $287 per sq ft on a premier lot
– Three Springs average $288/sq ft

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Super Insulation

R100 in lid and r40 in walls, rigid insulation on exterior to reduce thermal bridging.
Resources: www.profoam.com, www.havelockwool.com, www.rockwool.com/products


Sutter Homes designs the house and windows with the U-value and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (HGC) in mind to achieve optimal solar gain in winter and shading in summer, using triple pane glass with custom glazings.

Air Filtration

Sutter Homes is a certified commissioning agent for Zehnder, and employs the Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV). The ERV is internationally recognized as the best air filtration and energy recovering fresh air system with customizable filtration options. In our dry climate, the ERV is used to maintain more humidity.
Resources: www.zehnderamerica.com, www.iqair.com/us

LG Mini SPlits

This Sutter Homes ZERH home is heated and cooled with mini splits. Powered by the sun, you can have conditioned air that meets your comfort level at any time of the year.
Resources: www.lg.com/pa_en/air-conditioning-units

Instant Hot Water

With either an adaptive pump or a switch, you will have hot water within seconds throughout the entire home without the waste of energy running a hot water loop continuously.
Resources: www.aerobarrier.net



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This home is equipped with a full PV system, which gains almost all of its energy from the sun. This even powers your indoor heating and cooling systems.
Resources: www.bovietsolarusa.com

Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Score: -2

The HERS score calculates a home’s energy effciency on a scale of 0-150, with the lowest number being the most efficient. 184 Salt Brush has a score of -2, meaning it generates enough electricity to power your whole home and have energy leftover. 184 Salt Brush is just one of the many positive netting homes that Sutter Homes proudly develops and builds.
Resources: www.hersindex.com