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Have you been dreaming of a home that matches your lifestyle? Sutter Homes has developed a tried and true process in which you can express your dreams and desires for a home and they become a reality.

If you’re interested in building a custom home fitted for your exact needs in the Durango, CO area, take a look at our process and get in touch to begin. 


January 10

Questionnaire and Consultation

To jumpstart the process, we ask that you fill out our homeowner questionnaire . Afterwards, you’ll schedule a consultation with us either in person or over the phone. During this consultation we will do our best to ensure you feel like we understand your needs, what options you like, budget, and parameters. We will also answer your questions and determine the next steps.


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January 11

Obtain Financing

If financing is required, it is important to have a budget in mind and get pre-approved with a bank for a construction loan. Sutter Homes is familiar with the bank approval process and can put you in touch with our local lenders or have a conversation with yours.

January 12

Land Selection

Would you rather have a tailored suit, or one of the rack? A lot that meets your needs, or a standard plot? One of the biggest values of building a custom home is choosing exactly where you want to live. We take your answers from the questionnaires and everything that we’ve learned from initial conversations to find a lot that works within your budget, achieves your program requirements, lifestyle, and allows you to live in your space exactly the way you want to. We tailor the lot selection to your needs – just like that suit.

January 13

Conceptual Design Phase


As we initiate the process, the Sutter Homes team will spend a couple of weeks getting to know you and your dreams for a custom home. We’ll go over spaces, budget, finishes, and check off as many boxes as we can. Essentially, we will weed through all of the ideas that don’t make you excited in order to land on the ones that make you ecstatic about a custom home – the way you should feel! We’ll be working towards a site plan, floor plan, and 3D Massing.

January 14

Final Design

first draft

After getting to know you, your ideas, your likes and your dislikes, we’ll move into the final design of your home. Here, we will nail down the nitty gritty: decking, siding, windows, roofing, exterior finishes, and more. There will be scheduled check-ins with the appropriate design review boards, and we will also begin nailing down structural ideas, program requirements, mechanical systems, solar, and heating and cooling.

January 16

Construction Documents

Construction Documents

Here, Sutter Homes sends out all of our documents to structural engineers to receive final construction drawings. These will provide insight into exact material quantities required for accurate bidding. These documents are important as they allow us to nail down final cost estimates.

January 17

Bidding, Permitting, Budgeting Finalization

Bidding, Permitting, Budgeting Finalization

While we wait for the city and county to issue building permits, we attain 2-3 bids from the necessary contractors to get the best price and quality for your home. We begin to finalize the budget, select bids, and execute the construction agreement. 

January 17


Now, we break ground! Multiple inspections will take place throughout the construction phase. Initial inspections will happen after the footings are done, and then again once the stem walls are complete, before insulation, and at final completion. We use the CoConstruct tool that updates with photos, progress, and any budget modifications in real-time that allows clients to view how the project is coming along straight from their phone or computer.

We ask that out-of-town clients make at least one trip after framing so that we can walk through the lot, site, and floor plan and see if any changes needed to be made before plumbing and electric are finalized.

January 17



The moment you’ve been waiting for – moving into your new custom, healthy home. Sutter Homes sticks around after completion with a 1-year builders warranty. We also curate a binder with product warranties, contact info for servicing, product manuals, and everything you will ever need to know about your new home.

Begin the Process

Start out by downloading and filling out our homeowner questionnaire . Then, schedule a consultation   so Sutter Homes can learn more about what you’re looking for in a Custom Durango Home.

Begin the Process

Start out by downloading and filling out our homeowner questionnaire . Then, schedule a consultation so Sutter Homes can learn more about what you’re looking for in a Custom Durango Home.

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